Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White Bone Necklace

This is a Beautiful piece. I always wanted a bone necklace and now I have one. Woo Hoo. I have not spotted it in an ep yet but hope to one day!!! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beaded and Cross Necklace

This is a wonderful piece of Xena/Hercules History. It is made of all wood beads and wood cross and the cord is not adjustable. It is pretty long in length coming below the breast plate. It has a design on the cross but I don't know what it signifies. I have not spotted this in an episode but will post pics once I do.

Maori Design Necklace

Here is another Beautiful Maori design necklace used in the Xena/Hercules series. This cord is adjustable so it could be kept long or short depending on what the costume designer wanted to do during the episodes it was used in. They jewelry pieces are all wood with awesome detail. I have not spotted this in an episode but will post pics when I do.

Maori Circle Necklace

This is a beautiful Maori Necklace that was used on the set of Xena/Hercules. The cord is adjustable which is really cool!! The Maori design and beads are all wood and the necklace is light weight. I have not spotted this in an episode yet but will post pics when I do.

Friday, August 7, 2009

2 Metal Necklaces

I was given these as a present from my good pay Morgan. They are two brown metal necklaces on rope type strand that were used on either Xena or Hercules. They are quite heavy and very nice. They could have either been worn by an Amazon or even a peasant. If you spot them could you let me know. Thank you!!

Gold and Beaded Earrings

Here is a pretty pair of earrings. They are made up of reddish rubbber balls near the base of the earring with different colored small bead strands hanging from it and at the bottom of each strand of beads there is a fake gold like coin as the stopper. I was told by the seller that these were used in Xena in the episodes when she goes to "Chin" but I have yet to find them being worn in any episode so it is quite possible that they could have been used in the Hercules or Young Hercules series too. If you see them I would like to know. Thanks!!

Gold and Frosted Stoned Earrings

These are a Beautiful pair of earrings that were used on the Xena and/or Hercules series. They are made up of fake gold with a very nice design and some kind of 3 frosted stones that are in a hanging/drop formation on each earring. I have not spotted them in an episode as of yet but I would imagine they would be on someone from a royal bloodline or someone with some Dinars in their pockets to be able to afford these. If you see them I would be glad to know what episode they were used in.